Our Plugins

Below is our growing collection of Gridsome plugins. Members get early-access to all our plugins before they are released to the community.

Webpack Size

Logs your production bundle sizes in a CI friendly way.


Shopify source plugin for Gridsome.

Image CDN

Image CDN plugin for Gridsome, allowing you to add image query params with GraphQL.

Table Classes

Gridsome remark plugin move the `table` align defintion to the `tableCell` definition.

Image Download

Simple plugin for remark to enable the download of remote images.


Gridsome remark plugin to embed external stuff into your gridsome site.


Gridsome remark plugin to add css classes to any element.

Git Source

Gridsome source to fetch data from a remote git repository.


Add lightning fast search to Gridsome with FlexSearch.


Gridsome plugin for preparing brotli-compressed versions of assets.