Tuktuk preview

We already posted this a while back on Twitter account, but here is a quick preview of our upcoming Gridsome starter, Tuktuk.

This our first members-only starter which aims to make the process of getting a JAMstack commerce site up as quick and painlessly as possible.

The original prototype used Airtable for the product inventory and orders, but that came with it's only limitations and is not really built for the task. Just because something is possible, doesn't always mean it's a good idea.

After considering all the options available, we're thinking that WordPress, with WooCommerce would be the best place to start. Not only does WooCommerce have a decent chunk of the e-commerce marketshare, it also works really well as a headless-cms, so using Tuktuk would simply be a case of connecting your existing storefront (most likely under a different url).

We will be starting the WordPress implementation in the next week or two and if all goes well, it'll be ready for release sometime in May/June.

Here's the preview:



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