About Us

JammeryHQ is an open collaboration between Chris Rault, Travis Reynolds, Marcus Reinhardt and Kabolobari Benakole. We're still in the process of setting up the business admin, but we'll all be equal partners, each bringing something different to table that compliments the collective.

Chris is a designer, front-end developer and entrepenuer, Travis and Marcus are both a talented full-stack devs and Kabolobari is a designer and front-end developer.

Our goal for the collab is to build a suite of tools aimed at the JAMstack Community. We're still figuring out where there is the most need, but for now keep an eye on our blog for updates.

Open Collaboration

You may be wondering what we mean by open collaboration... Our plan is to document every step of our journey, with the hopes that it inspires other designers and developers to collaborate on products of their own.

We'll be publishing our wins, our losses, lessons learnt, the legal setup process, our finances and any relevant processes that we setup along the way.